DiagnoDent Laser Caries Detector

By utilizing this laser we are able to scan your tooth structure and find cavities invisible to the naked eye. This allows us to diagnose and treat dental caries before it turns into more extensive and expensive problem. 
It is 90% accurate and 100% painless

Benefits of Laser Caries Detector

  • Permits use of minimally invasive treatments without unnecessary preparation.
  • For the first time, allows the quantification of caries activity over time with a precise and reliable measurement.
  • Is conservative by avoiding "exploratory" excavation of suspect teeth.
  • Extremely accurate diagnostic aid. Proven to be over 90% accurate.
  • Early detection
  • No scratching probe or other sharp instruments: simple, fast and painless examination.
  • No x-ray exposure. 
  • High level of patient acceptance and satisfaction.