Dr. Igor Abayev DDS

Igor Abayev, DDS

Igor Abayev, DDS

Dr. Abayev has been a vital member of our practice since he joined our team in 2008. Dr. Abayev is a general dentist that specializes in Implant placement and restoration as well as cosmetic dentistry.

Dr. Abayev has received his doctor of dental surgery degree from Almaty, Kazakhstan in 1995, he then continued his education in Tel Aviv University, Israel and received his advanced degree in 1997. Upon Moving to the United States he attended and graduated the advanced placement at  New York University College of Dentistry and received his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree in 2006.

Dr. Abayev  is always interested in new treatment methods as well as new dental technology. He is engaged in continuing education courses and participates in peer study clubs in order to stay competitive and gain new insights into the ever changing field of dentistry. 

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