Dental Whitening

Zoom Advanced In Office Whitening

The Zoom whitening Treatment

Teeth Whitening works by exfoliating stains from inside your teeth to bring them back to their natural color.  Zoom teeth whitening is a process that uses a 25% hydrogen peroxide gel, the gel is activated via a special UV light.  Your eyes, lips and gums are completely covered and protected throughout the entire procedure.  Whitening is considered one of the safest procedures available in dentistry.  The procedure consists of three 15-minute sessions.  A fresh layer of whitening gel is applied after each session as the old gel is removed from your teeth.


Whitening results can not be predicted. The process can give different results for different patients. That being said, in our recent office study of all patients who had the whitening procedure in 2013, we have seen an 8.5 shade difference after three 15-minute sessions.
Before the procedure is started, we will measure your initial shade, and at the end of the procedure  Our most successful whitening sessions resulted in 15 shades difference, while our least successful cases (very small number of patients) only got 4 shades lighter.

Zoom Advanced Whitening Results at Alliance Dental Center

Zoom Advanced Whitening Results at Alliance Dental Center

Zoom Advanced Whitening Results at Alliance Dental Center

Zoom Advanced Whitening Results at Alliance Dental Center

Natural Looking Results


Have you ever seen someone with teeth that look like chiclets? Since the whitening process removes stains to bring out the natural tooth color, the results after in-office whitening will always look natural. Your smile will look natural and healthy.

Crowns, bonding and veneers will not change color

Crowns and veneers are made of porcelain, bondings are made of curable resins the shades of which can not be changed. If you have had any previous cosmetic dental work, please know that the color of these restorations will not change.  
This does not necessarily mean that all is lost and you should not whiten your teeth. On the contrary, don't forget that these restorations were probably done some time ago when your teeth were lighter. Years of drinking coffee, red wine, tea, as well as eating foods that stain the enamel have darkened your teeth and your restorations are probably lighter than your current shade anyway.
You always have the option of stopping the whitening after each 15 minute session. If you are unsatisfied with the color of your previous restoration, you may consider replacing it after your whitening.

Zoom Whitening is for everyone, except....

Although zoom teeth whitening is a very safe procedure.  Doctors in general do not recommend any elective cosmetic procedures for pregnant women.  Even if the risk is just 0.000001% it’s still something that’s not worth taking.  There has not been any harm ever reported, it’s just not a risk worth taking.  Additionally, because whitening uses a UV lamp to activate the whitening gel, whitening is not recommended for patients who use photo-reactive medications.

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